Leon Stedman 

WaterBores QLD is an owner operated drilling business based in the Cairns Hinterland, Far North Queensland.


We offer affordable and professional drilling services and are fully licensed to construct domestic, stock and irrigation water bores and environmental monitoring bores.


WaterBores QLD is owned by Leon Stedman, a driller and rig manager with close to 20 years experience. He has drilled in remote and metropolitan Australia and internationally.


Leon grew up on his family’s farm, he has great respect for the farming industry and he understands the value of water as a vital resource. 


WaterBores QLD are committed to caring for your property or development and your precious water.  Leon is innovative and uses bio-degradable drilling products and has bio-security procedures in place.


His years within the mining industry have developed an excellent work health and safety standard that he now incorporates into his daily business.


Leon’s background and experience throughout Australia and internationally has given him skills to understand clients needs and their diverse cultural and working environments.  He offers a friendly service and looks forward to working with you on your unique project.

WaterBores Qld

Welcome to WaterBores Qld,

Growing up on a farm has helped me develop a great respect and understanding for the farming industry and the value of water as a vital resource for life.